Atsko Sport-Wash Laundry Detergent

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Safe for any washable fabrics, the Sport-Wash Detergent is residue free and powerful enough to handle
tough odors and hard to eliminate stains.

Atsko Sport-Wash details:

  • Contains no phosphate brighteners or fragrances that will deteriorate fabric
  • Eliminates irritants left behind by commercial detergents
  • Rinses completely from fabric
  • Cotton, wool. and synthetics left completely clean
  • Atsko Sport-wash Laundry Detergent Model 13384

Sport-Wash Detergent is residue free and safe for all washable fabrics. It is powerful enough to remove tough odors and stubborn stains such as soil, blood and grass

Sport-Wash rinses completely and contains no brighteners or fragrances that will clog the pores of your fabrics. It is also great for sensitive skin as it eliminates most irritation caused by other commercial detergents

Cotton, wool and synthetic materials are left completely clean. Insulation such as Thinsulate, Down and Hollofil fluff up again for maximum warmth. Sport-Wash also cost less per load than regular laundry detergent and completely eliminates the need for fabric softener

Available in 4 oz. or 18 oz. sizes.

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