Bag Accessories

Bag Accessories

Accessories for your Skate Bag!

Ice Princess Pillow

Ice Princess Pillow details:Ice Princess Pillows are designed to bring a sparkle to your skater..

Kiss & Cry Rink Tote

Kiss & Cry Rink Tote Features:The perfect carryall tote for your daily rink gear!No zippers or f..

Mermaid Flip Sequence Blade Towel

These sequin-covered towels are a great addition to your skate bag and match theMermaid Flip Sequenc..

Folding Skate Lace Tightener

The A&R Folding Skate Lace Tightener Features:A&R folding skate tightener helps to pull lace..

A&R Figure Skating Starter Set- SALE!
$22.99 $28.99

Everything you need to start your figure skating gear collection by A&R Sports.  Thisskatin..

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