Blade Covers

Blade Covers

Soakers, Guards and Blade Towels

Crazy Fur Soakers

Tired of your blades cutting through your soakers? The Crazy Fur Soaker is designed to virtually eli..

Youth Glitzy Soakers

Smaller skaters want great soakers too! Specially made for sizes 8-2.5 youth skates.  With a va..

Rhinestone Rockerz

Our Rhinestone Rockerz Skate Guards give you all the excellent durability, protection, and mix-and..

Mermaid Flip Sequence Soakers

If you're looking for a dazzling way to keep moisture off your blades, these sequined soakers byFuzz..


The best blade protection system on the market, the original Rockerz, are available as a fullyassemb..

A&R Terry Cloth Soakers

These Terry Cloth Soakers by A&R Sports feature a unique wick-away liner to keep yourhockey blad..

Critter Cover Soakers

Soakers are absolutely essential to maintaining your skate blades by drawing moisture away and preve..

Ice Princess Soakers

Soakers don't have to be ugly to help keep moisture off your blades.  With a variety of iridesc..

A&R Figure BladeGards

Your blades are the ticket to precise moves and jumps.  Take care of them and they'lltake care ..

Rockerz Replacement Spring Set

Replacement springs for Rockerz and Rhinestone Rockerz blade guardsSold in sets of four, for replaci..

Zookerz Animal Soakers

From the manufacturer of Rockerz, the Zookerz Animal Soakers are all about fun while keepingyour bla..

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