Misses Figure Skates

Misses Figure Skates

Youth Figure Skates

Jackson Ultima Misses' Artiste Figure Skate
$169.95 $199.99

The Artiste is perfect for building the fundamentals of your skating skills with featuresto prepare ..

Jackson Ultima Misses' Classique Figure Skate- SALE!
$149.99 $194.95

Jackson Ultima's Classique combines the moderate support of an entry-level boot with the comfort and..

Jackson Ultima Misses' Elle Fusion Skate

The Elle Fusion gives you a full-featured skate with modern technical features and improved skater c..

Jackson Ultima Misses' Excel Skate
$94.95 $119.99

If you're just starting out the Excel from Jackson Ultima is the skate to get you going in yourfirst..

Jackson Ultima Misses' Mystique Figure Skate
$119.95 $139.99

The Mystique is the perfect skate for learning the fundamentals of movement and basic techniques in ..

Jackson Ultima Misses' SoftSkate Figure Skate
$64.95 $79.99

The lightweight and extremely comfortable SoftSkate is a perfect choice for the casual skater or you..

Riedell Misses' 14 Pearl Figure Skate
$110.00 $139.99

The Pearl 14 from Riedell is geared toward the recreational skater or skater in their first lessons ..

Riedell Misses' 19 Emerald Figure Skate, White
$145.00 $179.99

If you're looking for an excellent skate to work through your beginning lessons the Emerald 19 is a ..

Riedell Misses' 33 Diamond Figure Skate
$200.00 $249.99

The Riedell 33 Diamond is an outstanding choice for the developing skater learning their initial fun..

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