Skating Accessories

Skating Accessories

Key Chains, Decals, Magnets, Kiss & Cry Totes, Lace Tighteners, Laces

Adult Texting Skate Glove-SALE!

The Adult Texting Skate Glove features:Adult magic stretch glove Conductive material in the thumb an..

ChloeNoel Boot Covers

ChloeNoel Boot Cover details: Perfect for protecting your skates from scuffs & scratches Sup..

ChloeNoel Circular Scarf

ChloeNoel Circular Scarf details:Solid Polar Fleece scarf with crystalsSmooth, jersey-faced exterior..

ChloeNoel Crystal Fleece Headband

ChloeNoel Crystal Fleece Headband details:Solid Polar Fleece headband with crystalsSmooth, jersey-fa..

ChloeNoel Crystal Skate Glove

The ChloeNoel Crystal Skating Glove features:Solid-color knit skate gloveSwarovski crystal designAva..

Crazy Fur Soakers

Tired of your blades cutting through your soakers? The Crazy Fur Soaker is designed to virtually eli..

Derby Core Waxed Laces

The Derby Core Waxed Laces features :Waxed laces help keep your skates tight without sacri..

ES Spin Grippy Protective Skate Glove

The ES Spin Grippy Protective Skate Glove features:Protects your fingers and hands during catch spin..

Lurex Touch Youth Skating Glove- SALE!

The Lurex Youth Skating Glove features:Touch Screen Compatible Tips On  All FingersAvailable in..

Mermaid Flip Sequence Blade Towel

These sequin-covered towels are a great addition to your skate bag and match theMermaid Flip Sequenc..

Mondor 24 Inch Legwarmer

Mondor 24 Inch Legwarmer details:These great legwarmers are great for keeping your lower legs w..

Mondor 36 Inch Legwarmer

Mondor 36 Inch Legwarmer details:These great legwarmers are great for keeping your lower legs w..

Mondor Sparkle Legwarmer

Mondor Sparkle Legwarmer feature:Lightweight yet effective warmth while retaining your full ran..

Riedell Spun Poly Skate Laces

Riedell Spun Poly replacement figure skate laces Available in two colors:    White an..

ShinyHandz Competition Gloves, Nude

The ShinyHandz Competition Gloves features:Nude-colored glove fabricHand wash in cold water, lay fla..

ShinyHandz Flamingo Glove

The ShinyHandz Flamingo Glove features:Wide range of colors availableAvailable exclusively through I..

ShinyHandz Rhinestone Competition Gloves, Nude

The ShinyHandz Rhinestone Competition Gloves features:Sparkly AB Crystals on back of hand and finger..

ShinyHandz Rhinestone Design Youth Gloves

The ShinyHandz Rhinestone Design Youth Gloves features:Rhinestone design on back of handAvailable in..

Sno-Seal Leather Protector 3.5oz

The Atsko Sno-Seal Leather Protector 3.5 ozs Features:Atsko Sno-Seal Leather Protector protects leat..


The Fresher Footwear Stink-Eez Features:Keeps hockey, Figure skates and all athletic  footwear ..

Youth Glitzy Soakers

Smaller skaters want great soakers too! Specially made for sizes 8-2.5 youth skates.  With a va..

Folding Skate Lace Tightener

The A&R Folding Skate Lace Tightener Features:A&R folding skate tightener helps to pull lace..

Rhinestone Rockerz

Our Rhinestone Rockerz Skate Guards give you all the excellent durability, protection, and mix-and..

Mermaid Flip Sequence Soakers

If you're looking for a dazzling way to keep moisture off your blades, these sequined soakers byFuzz..

Crazy Fur Blade Towel

If you already have a pair of Crazy Fur Soakers or just like a wild style for your gear, the Cra..

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