Mondor, ChloeNoel and Shinyhandz Jackets

ChloeNoel Crystal Spiral Jacket

ChloeNoel Crystal Spiral Jacket details:Black skating jacket with accent color on zipper, collar, an..

ChloeNoel Crystal Spiral Skating Outfit
$104.99 $139.99

ChloeNoel Crystal Spiral Skating Outfit details:Black stretch skating jacketCrystal spiral pattern o..

ChloeNoel Elite Contrast Jacket

ChloeNoel Elite Contrast Jacket details:Black chest/back and sleeves Coral side panels, cuffs, zippe..

ES Performance "Figures" Skating Jacket

The ES Performance Figures Jacket features:ES quick dry, lightweight brushed fabric that is perfect ..

ES Performance Pro Fit Jacket

The ES Performance Pro Fit Jacket features:ES quick dry, lightweight fabric that provides UV 50 prot..

ES Performance Silhouette Jacket

The ES Performance Silhouette Jacket features:Made with Quick Dry fabric with a brushed finish for a..

Mondor Polartec Vest

Mondor 24487 Polartec  VestThis Mondor Polartec vest will give any skater that extra bling on t..

Mondor Polartec® Ice Skate Sparkle Jacket

Mondor Polartec® Ice Skate Sparkle Jacket features:New for 2019!Polartec® fleece shell wit..

Mondor Polartec® Princess Jacket
$79.99 $110.00

Mondor Polartec® Princess Jacket features:Polartec® fleece shell with contrasting inserts &..

Mondor Polartec® Rhinestones Jacket (Snowflake)

Mondor Polartec® Rhinestones Jacket (Snowflake) features:Black Polartec® fleece shell with..

Mondor Polartec® Sparkle Jacket

Mondor Polartec® Sparkle Jacket features:Black Polartec® fleece shell with sparkle ice ska..

Mondor Polartec® Sparkle Jacket (Ice Skate Team)

Mondor Polartec® Sparkle Jacket (Ice Skate Team) features:New for 2019!Purple Polartec® fl..

Mondor Supplex® Youth Jacket

Mondor Supplex® Youth Jacket features:Jacket available as shown in color Moulin Rouge (M7)This ..

Mondor Vinna Jacket- SALE!
$49.99 $70.00

Mondor Vinna Jacket details:Beautiful Blue and Lilac color that looks great on the ice!Contrast..

Shinyhandz Ruffle Jacket- SALE!
$44.99 $89.99

Shinyhandz Ruffle Jacket details:Streamlined, fitted cutZippered front closureIntegrated thumbh..

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