Ice Zone Sports Services

Ice Zone Sports is more than just a place to buy skating or hockey gear. We like to spend as much time as possible on the ice, and we want our customers to do that too. That's why we offer a wide range of figure and hockey skate services. Ice Zone Sports is the place to get your gear set up, maintained, and repaired by our staff of professionals.

Professional Boot Fitting

Properly fitted skates should be comfortable to wear. Your skates should feel like a natural extension of your feet, not loose or blister-inducing torture devices. Whether you're spending mornings mastering a new program or dominating your club hockey tournament, properly fitted skates are essential to maximizing comfort, performance, and your time on the ice. Our fitting services are for figure and hockey skates.

We currently charge a $50 Fitting Fee for all skate fittings when the skates are not purchased from Ice Zone Sports.  When skates are purchased from Ice Zone Sports the fee does not apply on any stock skates or boots. 

  • Stock & custom Jackson's
  • Stock & custom Riedell
  • STS Casting for stock & custom SP-Teri's
  • Foot Impressions stock & custom Harlick's
  • Heat Molding
  • Boot Stretching
  • Punch Outs

Blade Sharpening

Even the best-fitted and most expensive skates in the world will feel substandard without proper sharpening. Do you want to own a pair of skates that only turn left? Uneven edges that slide instead of bite into the ice? We didn't think so either. At Ice Zone Sports we don't use magic or urban legend to sharpen blades, we use precision measurement and regular jig calibration for consistent high quality skate sharpening.

  • Sharpening of parallel, tapered, and parabolic figure blades
  • We sharpen traditional, REVOLUTION, Matrix & Paramount blades
  • Available for most Radius of Hollow (ROH) from 5/16" up to 1"
  • Each set of blades is hand-honed for a clean edge
  • Sharpening of hockey skates. We do not currently sharpen goalie skates
  • Blackstone Flat Bottom V (FBV) available for hockey & figure skates
  • Sharpening currently available for DROP-OFF only

Blade Mounting

Proper blade mounting isn't something that can be overlooked and can make the critical difference in getting the most out of your figure skates. It's not just your skating that will benefit, you'll be more comfortable on the ice too.

  • Figure boots with traditional leather soles can be waterproofed prior to blade mounting which is recommended by the manufacturer.
  • We can provide a temporary or permanent blade mounting
  • Re-mounting/corrections to existing mounting can be made
  • We do not currently service or mount Edea or Aura boots

Figure Skating Competition Accessories

Once you decide to compete, you quickly find that gear meant for the recreational skater often falls short of the performance or durability to make it through a couple of competitions. The last thing anyone wants is to be stuck on the sidelines unable to give 100% on the ice. That's why we stock a selection of quality accessories so you can make sure there's no tears of sadness in the kiss and cry booth because of equipment that couldn't get it done for you. Our experienced staff has paid their dues coaching and competing at the regional, sectional, national and international levels. We've been there, done that, know what works, and what doesn't.

  • Replacement Laces & Lace Pullers
  • Blade Guards, Soakers, and Tights
  • Competition & Practice Dresses
  • Jackets & Gloves
  • Balance & Spin Training
  • Skate Bags & Accessories