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Gold Bundle


(1)Pair of plain rockerz

(1)Lace Tightener

(1)Pair of Derby Laces

(1)Pair of soakers*

(1)AST Tote

*Exclusions may apply. Promotion subject to change. Available while supplies last*

AST Premium Rink Tote Features:

  • The perfect sleek, mature & stylish rink tote!
  • Open concept design accommodates a variety of items for immediate access.
  • Easily fits a square tissue box, phone/portable media player or CD sleeves, blade guards, water bottle, lip balm, crash pads etc.
  • Features TWO open front pockets (perfect for small items), large zipper pocket in the back, TWO snap pockets on the side, TWO internal pockets & an internal zippered pocket.
  • Compact:  Durable, short handles stitched in an flat, ergonomic profile are easy to grab but don't get tangled or caught
    on anything like a shoulder strap.
  • Made of the highest quality polyurethane leather (vegan friendly!!)
  • Approximate dimensions: 10" x 7" x 6"
  • Designed by a figure skater specifically with adult skaters in mind!!

Tired of having to always re-tie your skates during a session? Derby Waxed Laces are the answer!

  • Waxed laces help keep your skates tight without sacrificing your hands!
  • Extra grip
  • Durable laces
  • Multiple Colors and lengths 
  • Edge Narrow Laces are thinner and available in extra long length for larger size skates

The A&R Folding Skate Lace Tightener Features:

  • A&R folding skate tightener helps to pull laces tighter
  • Plastic handle allows you to properly  tighten lace without painful blisters and lace burns
  • Fits easily in any skate bag
  • A&R Folding Skate  Lace Tightener

The best blade protection system on the market, the original Rockerz, are available as a fully
assembled pair ready to go out of the box.  Mix and match colors to make them your own!

Step 1:  Pick the color you want for each segment
Step 2:  Choose either a Sophisticated Silver or Glorious Gold spring
Step 3:  Pick your blade size so they can be trimmed and assembled to fit your blades
Step 4:  Tell us your blade type.  If you're not sure, no problem, we can help you get it
               figured out to make sure your Rockerz fit right!

The Rockerz Skate Guards feature:

  • Ergonomic design for safety and comfort
  • Patented rocker base reduces impact and joint stress
  • A heavy-duty gripping tread for safety
  • Includes all four Rockerz segments and springs for a ready-to-go
    pair of fully assembled blade guards, fitted for your blades
  • Choose any combination of 4 Rockerz
  • All assembled pairs of Rockerz and Rhinestone Rockerz include Sophisticated Silver
    springs.  Glorious Gold springs are available for an additional $2.00 per pair of assembled Rockerz.
  • Made in the USA

NOTE:  Your blade type is important to make sure your Rockerz fit your blades and your skates.  If you're not sure
              about your blade type, please send us a note with your order, and one of our staff will contact you
              the next business day before your Rockerz are assembled.

Soakers don't have to be ugly to help keep moisture off your blades.  With a variety of iridescent,
unique colors and patterns, these Ice Princess soakers are perfect for expressing your own
bedazzled style and protecting your blades at the same time.

Ice Princess Soakers feature:

  • Reinforced seams at heel and toe with 5 rows of heavy-duty stitching
  • Interior lined with heavy, absorbant, 1" batting to draw away moisture and keep it away from your blades.
  • Outer shell constructed of high-quality elasticated swimsuit fabric
  • Shell and liner seam stitched 6 times for outstanding durability
  • 1 size fits all blades
  • Sold as a pair
  • Hand-made in the USA