Pro Skating Off Ice Spinner

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The Pro Skating Spinner lets you show your personality while practicing off ice spins!

  • Off-ice spin training virtually anywhere
  • The Pro Skating Spinner assists you in maintaining your center and improving your balance
  • Virtually any spin or spin combination forward OR backward can be practiced including: sit, scratch, camel, layback, catch, Biellmann, flying camel, illusions. The possibilities are endless
  • Can also be used to simulate 3-turns, brackets, counters, rockers and loop turns
  • Is easily stored in any skate bag for easy transport
  • Spinner dimensions: 24 cm X 9 cm X 1.5 cm 

  • Safety First!
    When practicing spins, a beginner should use a plastic mat.
    As you improve, switch to a harder surface which will increase rotation speed.
    Make sure you have sufficient room for spin training and use a base that is appropriate for the exercise

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