• Rhinestone Rockerz Skate Guard (One Segment)

Rhinestone Rockerz Skate Guard (One Segment)

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Our Rhinestone Rockerz Skate Guards give you all the excellent durability, protection, and mix-and-match options as the
original Rockerz Skate Guards but with the extra sparkle of rhinestones applied.  Now available individually for 
replacement or building your own custom set of Rhinestone Rockerz Skate Guards.

Our Rhinestone Rockerz Skate Guards feature:

  • All the same features and colors of the original Rockerz:
    - Ergonomic design for safety and comfort
    - Patented rocker base reduces impact and joint stress
    - A heavy-duty gripping tread for safety
  • Rhinestone Rockerz are compatible with all of the original Rockerz
  • Each Rhinestone Rockerz guard can be trimmed to fit your blade size
  • Sold individually  (4 segments and springs required for a complete set)
  • Each individual section includes 1 (ONE) Sophisticated Silver spring
  • Made in the USA, Bedazzled in Fort Lauderdale

***NOTE: Two Rhinestone Rockerz Segments are required per skate; four segments are required for a pair of skates

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