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Who doesn't like a winner? That's what we've built our skate wall on- the proven success of Jackson Skates. As the top choice by many of the best figure skaters, including National and Olympic champions, Jackson Skates are part of a long winning tradtion.

We have Ladies, Misses, Men's, and Boys' sizes of Jackson Skates in stock, available now. That means when you come to Ice Zone Sports, you can get fitted for your new pair of Jackson Skates and be ready to skate in them on the same day.

Get the Best Fit in Your New Jackson Skates With Ice Zone Sports

Excel: Discover the Ice

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Mystique: Land Your First Jumps

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Artiste: Skate your First Program

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Why Do So Many Medalists Wear Jackson Skates?

With Available Features Like These It's Easy to See Why:

  • Traditional Leather or Composite Soles
  • Rubber shock-damping layer integrated directly into composite outsoles
  • Aluminum plate integrated into the heel to stop early sole separation
  • Rolled lining to decrease pressure and strain on tendons
  • U-shaped cuff pattern to allow more mobility without sacrificing support
  • Tongue with modified top line and lace slits to eliminate shin irritation and keep tongue in place
  • Heat-Moldable for superior fit
  • Design accents such as inlaid Swarovski Crystal above the heel

Elle Fusion: Intermediate, More Rotations and Higher Jumps

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Come to Ice Zone Sports for Jackson Skates, Accessories, and More!

Ice Zone Sports has all of the essential figure skating gear for recreational and competitive figure skating. In addition to the skates, boots, and blades on our skate wall, we stock a large collection of skate maintenance products, skating apparel, training tools, and figure skating luggage. We also offer skate sharpening, blade mounting, boot alterations, and custom boot fitting.

Blade Sharpening

Even the best-fitted and most expensive skates in the world will feel substandard without proper sharpening. Do you want to own a pair of skates that only turn left? Uneven edges that slide instead of bite into the ice? We didn't think so either. At Ice Zone Sports we don't use magic or urban legend to sharpen blades, we use precision measurement and regular jig calibration for consistent high quality skate sharpening.

  • Sharpening of parallel, tapered, and parabolic figure blades
  • Available for most Radius of Hollow (ROH) from 5/16" up to 1"
  • Each set of blades is hand-honed for a clean edge
  • Sharpening of hockey skates, including goalie skates
  • Blackstone Flat Bottom V (FBV) available for hockey & figure skates

Figure Skating Apparel

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Skate Maintenance & Accessories

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Skate Bags & Luggage

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Training Accessories

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