ProBalance Jame-Balancer Spinner

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    ProBalance Jame-Balancer Spinner details:

    • The Jame-Balancer Spinner is an advanced off-ice training product for building balance and core strength.
    • Helps improve small muscle strength in the foot and ankle for a more confident balance
    • Can be used with the Jame-Soft Balancer to intensify middle body control and muscle strength exercises.
    • There are two versions of ProBalance Jame-Balancer Spinner:
      Silver:   2cm height, less wobble for beginning off-ice training
      Purple:   2.5cm height, for advanced off-ice training

      *Both versions are compatible for use with the Jame-Soft Balancer

                *Always Remember Safety First!
                 When practicing spins, beginners should use a plastic mat.  As you improve, switch to a harder surface to increase
                 rotation speed.  Make sure you have sufficient room for spin and balance training and always use a base that is
                 appropriate for the exercise.

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