Riedell Misses' 19 Emerald Figure Skate, White

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If you're looking for an excellent skate to work through your beginning lessons the Emerald 19 is a great skate with
more support than the Pearl combined with a more forgiving boot than an advanced skate.

The Emerald 19 Features:

  • Increased light support with double synthetic reinforcement
  • New Achilles tendon collar design for comfort
  • Leather tongue reinforcement for added protection and strength
  • Dri-Lex lining of the boot to keep your feet dry
  • PVC sole for easy care and durability
  • Faux-emerald studded lace bar for additional fun
  • Factory-mounted Luna stainless steel general purpose blade
  • The Luna blade comes pre-sharpened from the factory. We highly recommend that your skates are professionally sharpened prior to initial use.
  • Please note: Sharpened skates CANNOT be returned

NOTE: The Emerald is only available in Medium and Wide widths

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