Sher-Wood BPM090 Player Stick

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Sher-Wood's BPM line marries balance, power, and mobility in one stick for improved versatility in all areas of
the game.  Technologies such as the VRF.2 blade and high density foam-cored shaft with integrated carbon 
stabilizer work together to provide more torsional rigidity for improved accuracy and precision in puck handling.

The Sher-Wood BPM090 features:

  • Spear Shaft carbon-stabilization through longitudinal axis of the shaft foam core
  • VRF.2 anti-vibration carbon-stabilized foam core blade
  • Midkick flex profile for maximum torque when shooting
  • Power Pivot weight-distributing design for optimized balance and mobility
  • Sher-Wood Authenticity mark so you know you're getting the real deal

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